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(日本海事新聞社 電子メディア事業部)



初めての方へのご案内 学生・教職員の方へのご案内 マリナビご利用マニュアル各有料コンテンツや利用方法をご紹介します。 サービスお申し込みトライアル登録または本契約で今すぐ会員に!! 会員サポート会員情報やご契約内容の変更はこちらから



We support students hoping to work in transportation and logistics, as well as all those conducting academic research and educating sailors!

Marinavi offers a student discount. We offer a half price discount to those studying or conducting academic research. The discount service requires a certain condition and screening process. Please confirm the following terms.
The student discount service shall be available to individuals only. The service shall not be available to corporate contracts as a school. The bill for the discount service shall not be issued to organizations.
Employees belonging to private think tanks or public research organizations are ineligible for this discount service.
Payment shall be made by credit card only.
No receipt shall be issued.
Upon completion of your contract you will be required to upload an image of your ID or students card, so please prepare the document in advance.
Extra logins and Article PDF are ineligible for the discount service.
If we discover any fraud or impersonation in regards to the contract, we shall cancel the ID immediately. In such a case we will not refund any fees.

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