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(日本海事新聞社 電子メディア事業部)



初めての方へのご案内 学生・教職員の方へのご案内 マリナビご利用マニュアル各有料コンテンツや利用方法をご紹介します。 サービスお申し込みトライアル登録または本契約で今すぐ会員に!! 会員サポート会員情報やご契約内容の変更はこちらから


About Marinavi
It is a paid service for reading the Japan Maritime Daily online.
You can search for all articles published since May 1998.
You can enlarge or reduce the paper view image.
Since the website is updated the evening before the newspaper is published, you can gain access to articles faster than if there were delivered.
Useful information other than articles and paid contents are also available.


Rates Structure

Marinavi has adopted the pay-per-login (Number of logins: 50 times x ID number x Contracted number of months) system. If your number of logins exceeds the total granted within your contact period, a fee per log in (300 yen + consumption tax) will be charged.

No discount rate is available to subscribers for paper.
Credit card can be used.
Services become available as soon as registration has been completed. The month of registration is for free and login frequency is not counted during the month.
Extra fees may be offset when additional user IDs are purchased even if login frequency limit is exceeded. (except in the last month of the contract)
Please refer to Price List for detailed fees.
About automatic updates

Your Marinavi subscription renews automatically unless cancellation procedures are followed before your subscription expires. We will send you a renewal confirmation email one week before your subscription expires, so be sure to log in and follow the procedures if you do not wish to renew.

If the cancellation procedures are not followed, we will send you an invoice after the renewal.
Please be advised we do not allow cancellations midway through a subscription period.

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