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初めての方へのご案内 学生・教職員の方へのご案内 マリナビご利用マニュアル各有料コンテンツや利用方法をご紹介します。 サービスお申し込みトライアル登録または本契約で今すぐ会員に!! 会員サポート会員情報やご契約内容の変更はこちらから


How do I sign a contract?
After completing the contract on the web, print the content confirmation page, sign it or stamp it with your seal, and then send it to us by fax. The contract will take effect from the moment you press the contract button on the website.
How do I use the service?
You can use the service by entering the ID and password that is displayed on the contract completion page into the Marinavi homepage.
Can the ID be used only on one specified PC?
The service is not limited to the terminal that you are using. Therefore you can use it on any PC with an internet connection.
Can multiple people use the service at the same time under one ID?
Yes they can. Each separate login is counted as a login even if it occurs while someone else is logged in. If 5 people log in at the same time, then 5 logins will be counted.
Can I share my ID with other members of my organization?
You can, but only with those in the contracted department. Also, the administrator for this service contract is obliged to comply with the Terms of Service in regards to the handling of ID.
Can I change my ID and password?
You can change your password, however you cannot change your ID. However, we may be able to change your ID for you in cases where there is a risk of damages, such as if your ID is accidentally leaked.
Are the articles exactly the same as the paper version?
They are virtually the same. However, characters which cannot be depicted on a computer (such as ancient characters used for peoples' names and place names, symbols, and model dependant characters) are replaced with katakana or their regular characters. Advertisements are not included in the content.
Are charts and pictures also displayed?
Yes, they are displayed. By clicking on the icon attached to the article, they are displayed in a separate window. Pictures are displayed in color format (jpeg), tables and graphs are displayed in pdf format. Since the October 2006 update we have also offered a service in which the cut out image of the article can be purchased separately in PDF format.
What time are your daily updates?
We usually update after 8pm on the evening before the newspaper's date of issue. Therefore it is possible to read the articles earlier than if you used the print edition.
Can searched articles by sent via email and LAN?
This is prohibited in principle. The Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association, which we are a member of, believe that commentaries, articles, and most news articles can be considered "copyrighted work" under the most current copyright law. To duplicate or reprint these articles you will need to obtain the permission of the copyright owner, the Japan Maritime Daily.
Can I access the service from abroad?
Yes, you can access the service from abroad.
Does the trial membership allow me to experience the same services as the contracted membership?
There are some restrictions placed on the articles and data. While you are able to search for articles, you may only read 3 texts per day. Also, detailed data in areas such as the new shipping schedule and industry personnel records will be hidden.
The basic fee allows for 50 logins per month, does this mean I can only search for 50 articles?
You can search an unlimited number of times with each login.
What should I do if I close the window without clicking the logout button?
It will be recognized that you logged out. You will have to re-log in to use the service again.
Since government agencies, etc. require quotations and contract documents, are you able to handle post payment?
Yes, we can do this. The contract will follow the customer's format.
I'd like to sign a contract with an unrestricted number of log ins (usually 50). Is this possible?
Since this service is operated on revenues through the number of IDs sold, if we were to offer an unlimited number of logins our sales revenue would not increase, and the service would be unable to continue. Additionally, the maximum number of logins per ID is 50x the number of months (3,6,12) of the contract.
How can I tell if I am logged in or not?
When logged in, the users name, number of logins, and maximum number of logins for the contracted period will be displayed in the top right of the window.
How will you know if I allow a third party to use my ID?
We are able to track the usage history of an ID. If there is a suspicion of abuse, such as multiple different IP addresses being logged in at the same time, we shall issue a warning. If the problem continues then we may suspend access to the service.
I am already a user of other paid article search services. While I read the Japan Maritime Daily, what are the differences compared to using Marinavi?
Articles from the Japan Maritime Daily are also available on Nikkei Telecom 21, however there are major differences in the price, storage period for the articles, and the amount of storage. Marinavi stores all articles published since October 1998 to the present day, whereas Nikkei Telecom 21 only offers the past 2-3 years of articles (Features such as interviews and series, as well as overseas news and documents are excluded). In terms of prices, with Marinavi the price is fixed within the prescribed number of logins regardless of the volume of articles retrieved. With Nikkei Telecom only the headlines are displayed in the search results, and any further text displayed is charged for. If you will be using the service mainly for the Japan Maritime Daily, you will find Marinavi to be better value.

*If you have any further questions which are not covered above, please contact the Japan Maritime Daily, Marinavi Division, at tel: 03-3436-3223.