Privacy Policy April 1, 2005


(日本海事新聞社 電子メディア事業部)



初めての方へのご案内 学生・教職員の方へのご案内 マリナビご利用マニュアル各有料コンテンツや利用方法をご紹介します。 サービスお申し込みトライアル登録または本契約で今すぐ会員に!! 会員サポート会員情報やご契約内容の変更はこちらから



1. Commitment to the protection of personal information

    Japan Maritime Daily Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information and has implemented the following measures:

  1. With respect to the personal information which we hold, we will comply with all applicable laws and codes.
  2. Personal information obtained properly will be used only within the scope of its intended use.
  3. We will strive to handle personal information appropriately in order to prevent problems such as the unauthorized access to information, the loss or destruction of personal information, and its tampering or leakage.
  4. We will make appropriate efforts to review the above, and will continually improve our systems.

2. Handling of personal information for the purposes of reporting and writing

    (Areas that are not subject to the obligations under the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law)

    According to the Personal Information Protection Law, personal information to be used for reporting and writing is not subject to the obligations of the business handling the personal information. In the case of our company, the following applies to this:

  1. The newspaper's editing and publishing
  2. All deliverables produced by (1) or those delivered in part via the internet.

3. Handling of personal information which does not come under the purposes of reporting or writing

4. Personal information provided to third parties (Such as information pertaining to company officers)

  1. Items of personal data which are provided to third parties
    Items pertaining to officers, etc. Name, job title, date of birth, photograph, address, phone number, place of birth, education record, career background
  2. The method or means of supplying to a third party
    Supplied via the internet or through our publications
  3. The stopping of supply to third parties
    At the request of the applicant, we shall stop the supply of personal data to third parties.

5. The disclosure and revision of personal information

    If there is a request for disclosure by the person himself or an agent via our specified application method for personal data managed by our company, we shall confirm that it is the person or agent. In principle, we shall then disclose the personal data held on the person in writing. However,

  1. If there is a risk of harm to the rights and interests of the person or third party
  2. If there is a risk that it could significantly hinder the proper conducting of company business
  3. If it would be in violation of other laws and regulations to do so

then we may refuse the disclosure of personal data even to the person himself.
Additionally, if there is a request for correction from the person, and the results of an investigation in to the contents of the request indicate a fallacy, then we shall correct, add, or delete the data within the scope necessary for its purpose of use, and notify the person of the contents of the correction.
In some situations we may require a handling fee for the disclosure or correction of personal information.

6. Suspension of the Use of Personal Information

7. Inquiries